WebOffice User Management

If you want to use the additional WebOffice usermanagement module, the UserManagement Admin Web must be installed. UserManagement Admin Web is a web-based application for the administration of role- or group-based rights for WebOffice 10.9 SP1 and other products based on the VertiGIS rights repository user management database.

The required basic data (master data like map service entries, project entries, layer entries etc...) are stored and updated by WebOffice author (since WebOffice author has access to all relevant basic data information), i.e. there are two management applications for maintaining the rights repository.


The figure below gives an overview of the rights repository possibilities.

WebOffice usermanagement rights repository

WebOffice usermanagement rights repository



See chapter WebOffice User Management (Application Server) for details about the installation of WebOffice usermanagement.


Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager 7 has to be installed on the server in order to install WebOffice usermanagement.