The Measure Distance tool allows you to measure a line in WebOffice map widget consisting of 1 to n vertices.


Note: See chapter Settings on how to specify how many digits after the comma should be used for display of measured values.

Note: It is only possible to measure lines; areas or points are not supported.

Note: Snapping functionality is not supported.

Note: You can not change the display of the measuring line (color, diameter, arrow tip, line type, ...). However, it is possible to customize the font size of the measure text which is shown on the map, by using the following CSS-file ..\Tomcat\webapps\<WebOffice Application>\client_mapwidget\Styles\SynServiceClientStyles_user.css . Here you have to enter the following paragraph and to adjust the font size:


.lblSurface {

    font-size: 12px;



Afterwards save the file and delete the browser cache (please consider Delete Browser Cache for more details about deleting the browser cache).


input parameter


set as startmode

By activating this parameter the tool will be initially activated after refresh of the WebOffice map widget.

Unit ID

Optional parameter UNITID to convert a specific unit of length (e.g. METER, KILOMETER, ...).

Note: Standard length unit is meters, unless length units are defined in the project configuration or the UNIT ID is not sent.


Specifies a JavaScript callback function.

Input parameter - Select Measure Distance in WebOffice map widget testcontainer


WebOffice map widget testcontainer - Measure Distance

WebOffice map widget testcontainer - Measure Distance


Note: The Measure Distance tool must be configured to display this tool in WebOffice map widget. Further details on the configuration of the tool in WebOffice author can be found in chapter Measure Distance.