This custom tool allows the end user to call the 3D application PlexMap3D in the WebOffice 10.9 R3 project. The PlexMap viewer opens with the WebOffice Extent. Configure the custom tool PlexMap3D.htm from the directory C:\Tomcat\webapps\<WebOffice application>\pub\custom_tools as follows:


(1) Web integration - custom tool

Configure a custom tool of the group Web integration with the following parameters:

URL of external page: pub\custom_tools\PlexMap3D.htm

Tool Icon: pub/images/customtool_plexmap.png


Configuration of a custom tool for PlexMap3D 

Configuration of a custom tool for PlexMap3D 



Unfortunately, PlexMap does not yet offer the possibility to access the functions during runtime, therefore no communication between the WebOffice map and the PlexMap can take place without restarting the PlexMap.


If Map Rotation is used in the WebOffice core client, the current rotation is automatically applied when the custom tool is opened. For more information on configuring the map rotation functionality in the WebOffice core client see Map Rotation.

A list of examples that can be included at the moment can be found at

For more details on configuring a custom tool, see the chapter Web integration - Custom Tool.