Minified Landing Page

The new minified Landing Page lists all available projects with the assigned roles (with activated WebOffice UserManagement). The individual roles on the projects are displayed as a link list. By clicking the link the project starts with the corresponding role.

You can easily open this minified Landing Page by adding the parameter custom_lp with the value true to the URL call:


If WebOffice UserManagement is configured in the Application Configuration the roles of the logged in user is displayed below each project. A corresponding logout button in the upper right corner is also displayed with active WebOffice UserManagement.

If Generic Tiles are configured, they will be displayed below links as hyperlinks.

Minified Landing Page - appropriate roles are displayed for each project

Minified Landing Page - appropriate roles are displayed for each project


If WebOffice UserManagement is not activated, a list of links of all available projects (with the status initialized) will be displayed. By selecting a link the project will start with the preconfigured default client.


Minified Landing Page without user management

Minified Landing Page without user management


You can find an easy way to change the style of the minified Landing Page in the settings of the Application Configuration. This requires a configured modern Project Linking. Therefore you have to add the node Landing Page in the Application Configuration. Under the node Corporate Identity the background color (background color (page)) and font color (Font color) can be adjust.



Settings via CSS-overriding are only effective if NO modern Landing Page is configured because the settings of the application configuration override the settings of the CSS files.

The second way to control the appearance of the minified landing page is by overriding of styles on a stylesheet. The designated file is located under following path: Tomcat/webapps/<applicationname>/web/client_workspace/basicresources/properties_user.css

The general background and font color can be override via the CSS class .properties_custom_body.