In node Generic Tiles single generic tiles can be defined which can be divided into groups of generic tiles.



The requirements for this section is the configuration of the property modern within the project linking landing page.


If you want to summarize your generic tiles into groups then create a new node Group of generic tiles and define title, font color and font size of the group title.

Configuration - groups of generic tiles

Configuration - groups of generic tiles


Right-click on the group of generic tiles and you can add individual generic tiles within the group.

Configuration - generic tile

Configuration - generic tile





Title of the tile

Description (text)

A more detailed description (some text)

Description (URL)

Link to the homepage with a more detailed description of the content (http://...)

Site (URL)

Link to the site (homepage) with the project, service or map (http://...)

Tile identifier

Tile name. An unique identifier of the tile. Please avoid use of special character data in the identifier, like space, non-ASCII characters, UTF-8 characters, which should be encoded or misunderstood in a URL.

Access control ID

Access control ID needed for access control based on user management module.

If an ID is configured here (eg MY_GENERIC_TILE) and WebOffice user management module is used, the user role is checked whether it provides the necessary application right or not (according to the example the application right would be MY_GENERIC_TILE). If the necessary application right is not available, the generic tile and hence the link for accessing the tile's site will not be available in WebOffice 10.9 SP1.


More detailed information about the configuration of the restrictions within the UserManagement Admin Web you can find in the chapter applications.

Request method

Defines the request method (GET/POST) which will be used to call the configured URL of the site. (Use POST in order to call externalcall.jsp)

Background image (1x1 or 2x2)

Thumbnail image URL (e.g. pub/images/... or http://...) for tile size 140x140 pixels. The tile size for 1x1 is scaled down automatically.

Background image (4x2)

Thumbnail image URL (e.g. pub/images/... or http://...) for tile size 290x140 pixels.

Background image (4x4)

Thumbnail image URL (e.g. pub/images/... or http://...) for tile size 290x290 pixels.


Color of the tile (RGB values)


Size of the tile

Configuration parameters - List of generic tiles



The application must be reloaded after saving the changes for the landing page.