Within this section all supported tools of the WebOffice map widget are available. It is also possible to use several tools in combination.


If tools are configured in the project configuration but deactivated at the same time, they will be grayed out in the Tools tab and cannot be activated.

If tools are disabled in the Map Widget test container, it may be because of WebOffice usermanagement restrictions (see Groups > Application Profiles); or because no external identifiers are set on the corresponding layer.


WebOffice map widget Testcontainer - Werkzeuge

WebOffice map widget Testcontainer - Werkzeuge




Select Line

Select Area

Edit: Update

Edit: Create

Full-Text Search




Click Info

Identify Layer


Measure Distance

Custom Tool

Multilayer Buffer Selection Tool

Link Field Tool



Note: The WebOffice map widget provides two different edit tools: While existing objects can be edited with the tool Edit: Update, new objects can be created with the tool Edit: Create.

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