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UM Login (Account)

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By configuring the UM Login (Account) element, users can be redirected to the self-registration page on the login page (via a link) and thus register themselves in the UM database. It also offers the possibility for users to reset their password.

Hint: For details regarding self-registration see also chapter Registration.aspx for self registration form.

Hint: For details regarding resetting the password see chapter RegistrationReset.aspx to reset passwords.


UM Login (Account)

UM Login (Account)





Use self registration of the users?

The users could create their account in the user management database theirselves.

Self registration page

URL of the self signup service.

Enable password reset?

The users have the possibility to reset their password.

Password reset url

Webpage at which the user can reset their password. This page can be found and changed in the UserManagementAdminWeb directory.

Show terms of use confirmation checkbox?

The users have to check the checkbox to register/login.

URL of the terms of use

This is the url where the terms of use can be found.

UM Login (Account) - Configuration