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DB Connection Information for Read Access

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The DB connection information for read access is necessary for reading User Management database user role and access rights entries.


DB connection information for read access configuration

DB connection information for read access configuration




DB-Connection parameter

Database Connection information is needed for WebOffice 10.8 SP2 in order to read user role and access rights information from the User Management database.

Note: See chapter Database Connections for details on database connections as well.

Note: If you like to use a SQLite file as a UserManagement database the following database connection parameters have to be used:

jdbc:sqlite: C:/work/mydatabase.db (Windows)

jdbc:sqlite: /home/leo/work/mydatabase.db (Linux, Mac OS X)

Note: In paths relative to the WebOffice base root folder this placeholder could be used: <%webroot%> (eg. jdbc:sqlite:<%webroot%>/WEB-INF/classes/configuration/databases/UMDB.sqlite)

DB user name

Database user name to provide (read) access to the database.


Password of the database user.

Oracle database schema

Name of the Oracle schema when different than the one of the user that is used for login.

Note: This functionality is required if the Oracle schema is created with a different user (e.g. UMDB_ADMIN) than the one used for connection with WebOffice (e.g. UMDB_USER).

Note: Example Scenario:
UMDB_ADMIN has created the Oracle schema
UMDB_USER shall be configured in the application configuration for DB read access

The user UMDB_USER has to be able to do the following command:


Note: The respective schema owner has to be configured in  the web.config as well. See chapter ORACLE Connection Parameter for details.

DB connection information for read access configuration