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Proxy-Server for HTTP Requests

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If the configuration of Proxy-Server for HTTP requests sent by the application server is present, outgoing HTTP requests from the application server are to be handled through the specified proxy server (used for requests to external WMS services and/or ArcGIS Server internet services). Addresses can be excluded from proxy server handling with the Exceptions attribute.


Proxy-server for HTTP requests configuration

Proxy-server for HTTP requests configuration




Use Proxy-Server?

Switch to take the Proxy-Server configuration into account (true) or to ignore it (false)

Proxy server Address

Proxy server Address (IP address)

Proxy server Port

Proxy server port


List of addresses to be excluded from proxy requests. Addresses are separated by semicolon (';'). The star ('*') is used as wildcard. Directories are separated using a forward slash ('/').

(Examples: localhost:8080;*;255.255.1.*;localhost/FTS-Index)

Note: If no port is defined, the connections to all ports will be excluded.

Note: When using WebOffice FTS-Index, where search index application ("FTS-Index") is accessible with Tomcat-Port 8080, the exception <host name>:8080 has to be added. 

User name

Optional username to be used for proxy server authentication


Optional password to be used for proxy server authentication

Proxy-server for HTTP requests configuration