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ArcGIS Engine - License Expiration

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The following entry within the WebOffice Logfile refers to the expiration of the license for ArcGIS Engine:


no license found

   at SynerGIS.WebOffice.Plotservice.PlotEngine..ctor()

   at ExtensionsHost.RunExtension.StartPlotEngine(String request)

   at ExtensionsHost.RunExtension.StartEngine(String request)

   at ExtensionsHost.RunExtension.ReadAndExecute(String value)]. Code: 9102



Since 10.2 WebOffice is using a 32bit ArcGIS Desktop process for the plot generation. Therefore, the availability of an appropriate ArcGIS license (ArcMap or ArcGIS Engine) is mandatory. The license for ArcGIS Engine is partially added to the WebOffice extensions and can be used by all customers, who do not have their own ArcGIS license to generate a plot.


Please note: Due to some contractual reasons between VertiGIS GmbH and Esri Inc, this license for ArcGIS Engine can expire. For example, the appropriate expiration date within the current version of WebOffice extensions is the 31st of December 2019.


If the license for ArcGIS Engine has expired, you will have the following options:

Self-contained allocation of an appropriate license for ArcGIS Desktop

Installation of ArcGIS Engine License Prolongation for WebOffice extensions:


 Username:        weboffice-download
 Passwort:        WebO@SynerGIS

Note: If you are using an older version of ArcGIS Engine (e.g. 10.2.x or 10.3.x) the prolongation is not possible in the way described above. Please contact your WebOffice support team for help. 

Note: Requirement is ArcGIS Engine, which comes with WebOffice extensions.

Installation notes:

Go to machine, where WebOffice extensions including ArcGIS Engine is installed

Unzip ZIP file

Run LicenseUpdate_AGS105.exe as Administrator ==> Command window will open and display "License successfully installed"

Upgrade to the latest WebOffice version (in case of maintenance)

Installation of the latest version of the WebOffice extensions (WebOffice extensions):
Download link:        
       Username: weboffice-download
       Password: WebO@SynerGIS


Note: Please contact the WebOffice Support Team for more details.