Enter the WFS service URL.


WFS service URL configuration 

WFS service URL configuration 




Service name (GUI)

No effect on WFS.

Metadata URL

No effect on WFS.

Metadata short description

No effect on WFS.


No effect on WFS.

URL Parameter Encoding

Defines which encoding should be used for the URL parameters. The encoding will only be applied to GET calls.

Axis Orientation

Axis Orientation of the WFS Service. If DEFAULT is selected, the orientation is determined using the Service Properties.

Service Environment

Configuration of the WFS Service Hosting Platform. Depending on the configured Environment, the Requests to the Service might differ.


For OGC WFS services the complete service address (URL) needs to be provided. No additional parameters (e.g. &service=WFS) are needed.

Server normalized

normalized Server URL.

Service user

User name of user accessing WFS service.


If a domain user is used for accessing the service, then the windows domain needs to be provided in the format domain\user. If no domain is configured then authentication will be done locally.



User Agent Header

Defines the value of the HTTP User Agent Header for server-side requests.

Referer Header

Defines the value of the HTTP Referer Header for server-side requests.

WFS services - project structure overall



Map service properties have no effect on OGC WFS services!


See the How To chapter WFS Services for information how to get the WFS schema file.

See also chapter XML Namespace and WFS Feature Type.