Configure the Log Out tool for providing log out functionality for users when using WebOffice usermanagement. The tool will also be provided in the WebOffice core client without activating WebOffice usermanagement.


Log out tool configuration

Log out tool configuration




Logout URL:

The URL which will be opened in the browser tab when the user logs out. The URL must be absolute and she has to point to an existing site e.g. http://myserver:9080/myApp/index.xhtml or something like If the field is left empty the default WebOffice logout page will be used.

Use tool?

Specify whether this tool is available in the WebOffice 10.9 SP1 clients (true) or not (false).



See chapter WebOffice User Management for general information about the WebOffice usermanagement.

See chapter Log Out for details about log out tool in the WebOffice html client.

To configure a Logout button in the toolbar, see chapter Logout Button in the Toolbar.