Configure the Identify MapTip tool to provide users a different way of working with WebOffice 10.9 SP1. By configuration it is possible to activate the tool with startup, meaning that it is available all the time as long as the user does not interactively use another tool. The user does not need to take care of activating/deactivating a specific tool any more.


Identify MapTip tool configuration

Identify MapTip tool configuration




MapTip function activated with startup?

Specifies whether to provide MapTip functionality from beginning on in WebOffice 10.9 SP1 clients.

Set it to true if you want the user to be able to simply identify objects in the map by just moving the mouse over the map from beginning on.


MapTip functionality has to be activated on an identifiable layer. See chapter MapTip in layer queries section for detail.


This setting is not taken into account if a default tool is configured on the superior Tools node or a specific tool has been defined in the URL of an external call. In these cases, the default tools in the configuration or in external calls are always activated by startup.

If this parameter is set to true keep in mind, that the Identify Tool will not be available in WebOffice flex Client.


Defines the transparency for the MapTip display above the map.

Enable copy and paste?

Enable copy and paste in MapTip window?

Remove MapTip after mouse move?

Removes the current MapTip result if the next MapTip query returns no result (true), or only if a new MapTip result is to be shown (false/Default).


In WebOffice core client the MapTip window is always pinned automatically.

MapTip window fixable?

Specifies if click in the map fixes the MapTip window (true) or not (false/Default). Use false for optimized map navigation.


Specifying false and configuring a MapTip Display Time [ms] on a layer to 0 (i.e., a click is necessary to close MapTip window) may cause unexpected behavior and is not recommended!

Using single click to display? (flash flex)

Specifies whether a single click event (true) or a continuous request (false) is to be used for displaying MapTip results in the WebOffice flex (flash) client.


This parameter is WebOffice flex (flash) specific!

Using single click to display

Specifies whether the MapTip results should be displayed with an explicit click (true) or with mouse over (false).

Optional notification at project start?

Optional configurable notification that should be displayed, when using single click (or touch) event to display the MapTip result in WebOffice flex (flash) client.


This parameter is WebOffice flex (flash) specific!

To change the notification text in the language resources, please see chapter WebOffice Messages for details.

Open tool form when activating tool?

Specifies whether the tool form will be displayed by default when activating the tool (affects Flex client only).

Use tool?

Specify whether this tool is available in the WebOffice 10.9 SP1 clients (true) or not (false).

Show multiple MapTip results?

Specifies if multiple layers and multiple features per layer should be shown (only in WebOffice core client)


If there are several objects on top of each other, the multiple map tip can be used to select which object/theme is to be displayed.

Maximum features for multi-MapTip?

The maximum number of features that can be shown in multi MapTips.

Identify MapTip tool properties



See chapter MapTip for details about the layer specific MapTip configuration in WebOffice author standalone.

See chapter MapTip for details about MapTip in the WebOffice core client.

See chapter MapTip for details about MapTip in the WebOffice flex client.