Geotagging Attributes

In order to provide a correct mapping of the image information to the feature class attribute fields, there has to be established a reference between the image information and the fields of the feature class. The reference will be configured in Geotagging Attributes. Insert a geotagging attribute for every field that is used for mapping the image information and define via context menu which editing field of the feature class belongs to it.


Geotagging attributes configured inside the tool Upload Geotagged Images

Geotagging attributes configured inside the tool Upload Geotagged Images



Be aware that every editing field has the correct geotagging attribute configured. Every editing field and every geotagging attribute can only be configured once, meaning that assigning a geotagging attribute to multiple editing fields (and the other way round) is not permitted.

The Exif attributes must have a sufficiently high number of decimal places configured so that the accuracy of the receiver devices can be mapped. A value of 20 should normally be sufficient for this. An insufficient number of configured decimal places for georeference attributes can be recognized by log messages such as: "caused by invalid value (field: exif_longitude, type: DOUBLE, value: 9.123456789012345)".


See chapter Upload Geotagged Images for details about the tool configuration in WebOffice author standalone.

See chapter Edit Layer for details about the edit layer configuration for the upload geotagged images tool.

See chapter Add Geotagged Images for details about using the tool in the WebOffice core client.