The Label Multiple tool enables labeling of line objects with content from the feature defined by a Search Result View.


Multifieature free labeling tool configuration

Multifieature free labeling tool configuration




Target layer for labeling

Specifies the default labeling layer. If a default labeling layer is specified, that layer will be used by default to open the free label tool.


In case there is no target layer defined the layer to be labeled has to be selected explicitly.

Use Fieldnames?

Defines if field names should get used (true), or if only field values (false) should get displayed in the labeling text.


Split character, that gets used as divider between the single field values. Empty configuration (default) means a single white space character.


Font for markup text.


Internet Explorer (all versions) does not consider configurations for Markup text.

Font style

Font style for markup text.


Internet Explorer (all versions) only supports font style regular and bold.

Text size

Default text size (font size).

Text color

Color of markup text.

Use background color

Use Text background color as default.

Background color

Text background color.

Line width

Line width of the base line in pixels.

Line color

Color of the base line.

Label rotation

How to rotate the label and set direction of the label text:

Parallel to first feature. With respect to direction of cut line.

Parallel to first feature. Respecting its direction.

Not rotated.

Show style dialog?

Specifies whether the labeling options dialog is visible (true) in the tool form or not (false).

Show fields dialog?

Specifies whether the available label fields section is visible (true) in the tool form or not (false).

Use tool?

Specify whether this tool is available in the WebOffice 10.9 SP1 clients (true) or not (false).

Multifeature Free labeling tool properties


All layer that should be available for free labeling need to have a search result view that is Restricted for Multifeature Free Labeling.


Search result view restriction for "Free labeling"

Search result view restriction for "Free labeling"



Consider that it is possible to change the pixel tolerance for free labeling with the parameter Pixel Tolerance for Identify.

To label multiple objects from several layers for the printout, it should be easier and more be effective to use Simple Thematic Mapping. The style with labels for the whole layer can be defined accordingly.



See chapter Multifeature Free Labeling for details about free labeling in the WebOffice html client.