Configure the function field Zip Code if you want to display a zip code on your print output.


Zip code configuration

Zip code configuration




Field caption

Caption in print template. Standard ratios are applied if there are no language-specific terms are specified.

Field value

Value in print template.


If User may change? is set to Yes you may also provide a list of possible values to the user. Use the | symbol as delimiter between the possible values, e.g. zip code 1|zip code 2. The first value will be the default value. If you want to provide several values but no default value start your listing with a | symbol, e.g. |zip code 1|zip code 2.

ID of field caption

The ID for this predefined function field is always user_zipcode_caption.

ID of field value

The ID for this predefined function field is always user_zipcode_value.

End user may change?

Specifies whether the user my change or set the value in the print tool form (Yes) or not (No).

Zip code properties


Make sure that your print template (.layout file) contains the function fields user_zipcode_caption and user_zipcode_value. Only then, the configuration in WebOffice author standalone will have an impact.



See chapter Printing (Legacy) for details about the tool configuration in WebOffice author standalone.

See chapter Template (File Name) for details about the configuration of print templates.

See WebOffice109_plot_author_UserManual.pdf for details about working with WebOffice plot author.

See chapter Printing (Legacy) for the tool appearance in the WebOffice core client.