By configuring the Index Plot function it is possible create a print based on an individually drawn sketch. This way the user is enabled to produce a print series along a line object, e.g. a stream center line.



The client preview of the printing extent does not comply with the effective printing extent.

The single sheets of the index plot do not have a north arrow. If a north arrow is desired on the print the Esri north arrow has to be configured in the layout! In this case these printing templates are not to be used in combination with rotating prints.

When using external service there might arise the problem of missing tiles on the last print due to overlapping beyond the virtual index plot line.







Maximum page numbers

Maximum number of pages.

Border Color definable?

Specifies whether the border color of the overview page is definable (Yes) or not (No). Activating this function will result in a color picker that is provided to the user in the toolbar.

Seamless print

Specifies whether the output pages are to be joined seamlessly.

Overview page

Specifies the inclusion of an overview page in the index plot.


In order to provide an overview page for the index plot, make sure that a copy of the respective print template exists in the WebOfficePlotTemplates directory with the nomenclature <WebOffice print template name>_overview.layout.


WebOffice plot template name: A4_portrait.layout

required overview template: A4_portrait_overview.layout

show index line?

For VertiGIS Printing only: Specifies whether the index line should be showed in the overview page.

Index Line transparency

Stroke transparency of the index line

Index Line color

Stroke color of the index line

Page stroke transparency

Stroke transparency of the page borders

Page stroke-color

Stroke color of the pages on the overview page

Page fill transparency

transparency of the page fill color

Page fill-color

Fill-Color of the pages on the overview page

Fill page overlaps?

Should overlaps of pages on the overview page be filled with color?

Page overlap transparency

Transparency of the page overlap area

Page overlap fill-color

Fill-Color of the overlaps of the pages on the overview page

Show page numbers?

Should Page numbers be printed on the overview page?

Page number transparency

Transparency of the page numbers

Pagenumber color

Color in which the page numbers should be printed on the overview page




See chapter Print for details about the tool configuration in WebOffice author standalone.

See chapter Template (File Name) for details about the configuration of print templates.

See chapter Print with Index Plot for the tool appearance in the WebOffice core client.

See chapter Index plot based on feature geometry for more details about how to create an index plot based on an individually drawn graph.