Integrator Client Configuration

With the WebOffice configuration item Integrator Client Configuration it was possible with WebOffice 10.8 SP2 to pass one or more objects based on the WebOffice client search result to an integrator compatible application. With the introduction of VertiGIS Integrator 2021 with WebOffice 10.9 an integrator will be provided to take over the function of the integrator client configuration.


The Integrator Client configuration was implemented based on Internet Explorer 11 because of the following requirements:

The control is only available in Microsoft Internet Explorer because Active X Controls are supported.

Active X controls must be allowed by Internet Explorer.



Support for Internet Explorer 11 was discontinued on June 15, 2022. For more information, see:

Die aktuelle Version von Internet Explorer 11 ausführen


This means that the Integrator Client Configuration feature is no longer fully supported. VertiGIS recommends with WebOffice 10.9 to use VertiGIS URL Integrator instead as well as GWR Integrator (2021).


The system requirements for the use if the VertiGIS WebOffice Integrator in WebOffice 10.8 are as follows:

A desktop application which is permitted for the VertiGIS WebOffice Integrator must be installed and available on the local desktop computer

The following settings must be observed in the project configuration if WebOffice is to be addressed from the desktop application via external calls:

oAn external identifier must be set for each search

oFor each search the following needs to be defined:

The parameter search needs to be set to Yes in the layer settings

The respective search field must exist in the field list of the generic query.


If you don't want to offer a search for a layer in WebOffice, you don't need to define a predefined query.


Configuration - Integrator Client Configuration

Configuration - Integrator Client Configuration




Integrator key field

Reference to Integrator key field.


The key field must be configured as result field in the superior search result. The feature is no longer supported in WebOffice 10.9.

Properties - Integrator Client Configuration



The following points must comply in order to use the Integrator tool:

The tool must be configured in the WebOffice 10.8 project configuration.

The search result view specified client configuration needs to be available.



More information on how to configure the Integrator tool in WebOffice 10.9 SP1 can be found in the chapter Desktop Integration - Integrator or Desktop Integration - Custom Tool.

More information regarding displaying the Integrator tool in the WebOffice core client can be found in the chapter Search Result Toolbar.

More information about possible troubleshooting of the VertiGIS Integrator can be found in the chapter Problems related to VertiGIS Integrator