Export data for support request

In WebOffice author standalone under the tab Extras there is the possibility to export a file in which some data about the WebOffice 10.9 SP1 project is automatically compiled. In addition, this function offers the possibility to make some settings for the file that is to be exported.


Export data for a support request

Export data for a support request


The following information can be covered by the support file:

Support ticket ID or title (manual)

Version number

Operating system information

Log files


Saved application configuration (+ schema)

Configuration schema

The current project which is opened in the WebOffice author standalone


ArcMap Project (.mxd) / ArcGIS Pro Project (.aprx)

ArcMap Map Package (.mpk) / ArcGIS Pro Project Package (.ppkx)

URLs (e.g. to a Map Package (ArcMap, .mpk) or a Project Package (ArcGIS Pro, .ppkx) shared on a Portal or web server)


Additional Information

Screenshot or file


Export data for support request

Export data for support request


The function can be finished by clicking on the Button Export... This generates a .zip file which can be forwarded to the support (https://resources.weboffice.vertigis.com/Documentation/WebOffice/contact.html).



For further information on how to make a proper support request please visit the chapter Request WebOffice Support