Configure the Dynamic Legend function to display a legend on the print output. The legend page will dynamically display descriptions of all symbols used on the print extent.



Example: The dynamic legend shall be enabled for a layout saved as A4_portrait.pagx. In order to configure the dynamic legend create an additional layout file named A4_portrait_legend.pagx and save it into the VertiGIS_PrintLayouts folder. The A4_portrait_legend.pagx file must only include a legend-item.


Dynamic legend configuration

Dynamic legend configuration




Minimal legend changeable?

Specifies whether the user is able to change the print legend type (Yes) or not (No).

The following print legend types are available if enabled:

extent layers only: only layers that contribute to the print output will be described in the legend page

all visible layers: all visible map layers will be described in the legend page

Legend switchable?

Specifies whether the user is able to include/exclude the print legend (Yes) or not (No).

Legend default status?

Only applicable for switchable legend. It determines the initial state of the legend switch

Print series properties



See chapter VertiGIS Printing for details about the tool configuration in WebOffice author standalone.