By configuring an editing table, it is also possible to edit tables that have been published within a feature service in ArcGIS Enterprise and can be accessed via the corresponding REST URL of the service.


Make sure that the following three conditions are met to enable the editing function in WebOffice 10.9 SP1:

a valid WebOffice 10.9 SP1 advanced license (with the module WebOffice web editing) must be available

At least one table from a feature service must be configured as an editing table.

the tool Edit must be configured



Please note that only those ArcGIS tables can be edited, which were published within a feature service in ArcGIS Enterprise.



Configuring a search for ArcGIS tables (via Feature Service) is a prerequisite for editing table entries of an ArcGIS table. See Table (ArcGIS Feature Service) for more information about configuring a search on an ArcGIS table of a feature service in WebOffice author standalone.


Configuration of an edit table

Configuration of an edit table


The configuration of an editable table determines the options for editing in a table of a feature service. The configuration is therefore made up of the following list of child elements:

The edit field list determines which fields the user is allowed to edit.

The list fo available editing actions defines the editing actions available to the user.




Table reference

Definition of a table that is accessed via the REST URL of a feature service. The corresponding drop-down list lists all tables that refer to a feature service included in the WebOffice 10.9 SP1 project.

Display Name (GUI)

Table name shown in the GUI.

External ID

External ID used in parameterized calls to WebOffice for identifying the edit table.

Certain special characters may not be used as external-ID, e.g.: < >  ( ) or space.

Editier-Layer Eigenschaften



Editing tables (ArcGIS Feature Service) is currently only possible in WebOffice core Client.

Edit tables (ArcGIS Feature Service) does not support mass attribute assignment. WithWebOffice 10.9 SP1 only single table entries can be edited.

Please note that editing tables is not integrated in the WebOffice usermanagement. Accordingly, the corresponding audit fields ( CREATE_BY, CHANGE_BY, CREATE_DAT and CHANGE_DAT) are not filled in the course of an editing action.

Tables that are linked to another layer in ArcMap (Relate) cannot be edited.



See Edit chapter for details on tool configuration in WebOffice author standalone.

See chapter Edit Tables (ArcGIS Feature Service) for details on editing tables in WebOffice core Client.

Editing features of a layer joined to another table in ArcMap is supported. Note, however, that the fields of the join table cannot be used as editing fields. A corresponding workaround is described in chapter Edit Table (ArcGIS Feature Service) Editing Tables (ArcGIS Feature Service).