WebOffice 10.9 SP1 is a bundle of products and part of the set of available web-based VertiGIS solutions. The products listed in the table below belong to the WebOffice 10.9 SP1 product family:



Prerequisites and short description

WebOffice basic

WebOffice basic provides the lowest level of functionality (e.g. for internet applications). WebOffice basic is the entry point for starting to implement WebOffice projects.

WebOffice standard

WebOffice standard is typical for intranet WebOffice applications and provides high-end analysis and viewing functionality.

WebOffice web editing

WebOffice web editing is convenient for web based editing and construction.

WebOffice WebOffice flex client

Easy to use and fancy client based on Adobe Flex® or ArcGIS JavaScript API technology. Requires WebOffice basic license at minimum.

WebOffice mobile client

Client for viewing WebOffice projects on mobile devices. Requires WebOffice basic license at minimum.

WebOffice ePaper

License for providing ePaper functionality (reporting).

WebOffice extract server

License for providing geodata export functionality.

WebOffice map widget

License for providing WebOffice map widget.

WebOffice usermanagement

License for providing role based access control. User management and web editing are tightly integrated modules for providing role based control of data entry and editing functionality. Requires WebOffice  basic license at minimum.


WebOffice basic, WebOffice standard, WebOffice web editing, WebOffice flex (flash) and WebOffice usermanagement are available as:

Workgroup edition for ArcGIS Server Workgroup users or

Enterprise edition for ArcGIS Server Enterprise users.



The current range of functions of WebOffice 10.9 SP1 is listed in the functionality matrix (https://weboffice.vertigis.com/fileadmin/media/weboffice/pdf/FMatrix_10_9_SP1_en.pdf).