Group of Editing Fields

WebOffice 10.9 SP1 also offers the possibility to group edit fields in the edit form. This is useful, for example, if a large number of editing fields are configured in the editing layer. By configuring groups of editing fields, a better overview can be created in the editing form by the client.



Group of Editing Fields - Configuration

Group of Editing Fields - Configuration





Name of the edit field group

Initially expanded?

Defines whether the filter parameters shall be expanded at project start. (only in WebOffice core client)

Background color of heading

Background color of the edit field group heading

Text color of heading

Text color of the edit field group heading

Background color

Background color of the edit field group

Text color

Text color of the edit field group

Icon of heading

URL of the image used as icon in the heading of the edit field group.

Allowed are relative paths within the WebOffice webapplication (e.g. pub/images/example16x16.png) or valid HTTP URLs.

File extension (e.g. .gif or .jpg etc.) must be included.

Image file must have size 16x16 pixels.

Icon for application call (mobile)

In WebOffice folder pub/images/mobile 10 sample icons are available (extapp_01.png to extapp_10.png)..

Parameters - Settings for Group of Editing Fields



The following screenshots show an exemplary configuration of grouped editing fields in the editing form of the WebOffice core Client. The display of the coloring and the use of icons per group can be adjusted individually.



Group of Editing Fields - shut



Group of Editing Fields - expanded



See chapter Edit Field for detailed configuration of the individual editing fields within the group of editing fields.

See Edit Layers chapter for information on configuring edit layers.

See chapter Integrated Editing Application if you want to configure the upload function for the input field type file upload.

See chapter Edit and its subchapters for tool usage in WebOffice core Client.

More information on the use of editing templates in WebOffice core Client can be found in the chapter Editing Attributes.

See chapter Create Feature for use in WebOffice mobile Client.