Synonyms for Full-Text Search

To enhance the power of the full-text search, it is possible to define synonyms. Therefore, in the application configuration, create a list of synonyms in the Full-text search node. One synonym definition will be created automatically and can be filled with words to be treated as synonyms.


Synonym definition configuration

Synonym definition configuration





Specifies equivalent words. Values get delimited by |

Synonym definition configuration


The screenshot above shows the words Road, Street, Boulevard and Avenue defined as synonyms. Thus, when using the full-text search by typing Washington Boulevard, it will also look for and if possible show results for Washington Road, Washington Street, Washington Avenue.



See chapter Full-Text Search for general settings regarding the full-text search.

Further steps that are necessary in order to provide the full-text search functionality within a WebOffice 10.9 SP1 project are described in the How to Configure... chapter Full-Text Search.