Project Initialization

Use Project Initialization for controlling how WebOffice 10.9 SP1 application initializes.

WebOffice 10.9 SP1 tries to automatically initialize its projects and the ArcGIS Server resources used in these projects in the background. There are two reasons for doing this:

Minimizing the first load time: Accessing ArcGIS Server map services for initialization may take a lot of time. In order to avoid long wait time for the user when he starts a specific project, initialization of used ArcGIS Server map services is done automatically in the background.

Providing robust behavior necessary in typical server production systems: After a planned/not planned server restart WebOffice 10.9 SP1 tries to initialize its projects and the used ArcGIS Server map services several times (if the trials before have not been successful). This may be necessary as it cannot be assured, that the Apache Tomcat service (WebOffice 10.9 SP1 application is executed by Apache Tomcat) is only started after all ArcGIS Server specific initialization has finished.



As a consequence of this behavior, WebOffice 10.9 SP1, as soon as it is started, uses ArcGIS Server resources.


Using many WebOffice 10.9 SP1 applications with many projects, application and within project initialization may cause Apache Tomcat instabilities. Due to that, it is possible to define an application initialization delay for each application. E.g. working with four applications the configuration of delay times 0,2,4 and 6 would guarantee an organized Tomcat start.



Configuring a delay will lengthen the total startup time (time from pressing the Tomcat start button to project availability).

If there is no system monitoring in use, you can configure an application reload time. The application reload will automatically be done daily at this configured time.


Project initialization configuration

Project initialization configuration




Interval [minutes]

Interval in minutes for trying to reinitialize a project that has not been initialized yet.

Delay [minutes]

Delay in minutes after the application start for first trying to initialize the projects.


The delay is only used when restarting the application server (Tomcat), but not for Reload application in SynAdmin.

Count of init trials

Count of init trials.

If the Esri ArcGIS Server map services used in a WebOffice project cannot be initialized, WebOffice does try it repeatedly during WebOffice Application initialization.

If last init trial is not successful then the project is marked as not available. It is then still possible in the WebOffice administration pages to manually reload the project.

Count of init threads

How many projects should be initialized simultaneously?

Defines, when the application automatically restarts (format HH:MM).


If there is no value configured or the value cannot be interpreted, then there will not be any automatic application restart.

It is possible to configure more different times (separated by blanks).

Lazy initialization of the resources

Defines, if the resources (e.g. query layers) get initialized at project initialization (true) or at the first project start (false = default).

The lazy initialization may only be deactivated, if there is a low amount of WebOffice projects and WebOffice applications on the server, else there is to much load for the GIS server at application start.


If the lazy initialization is deactivated the status Initialized (incl. layer) appears in synAdmin after the initialization.

Project initialization configuration