Full-Text Search Language Settings

Here the language specific information is defined so that the corresponding translations can be resolved and stored in the index when the subindex is created. A configuration of the language settings also makes sense if lookups are used for the full-text search to provide multiple languages.


Full-text search language settings configuration

Full-text search language settings configuration




Search index language

Language of the data to be indexed. The Locale (two-letter language-code, according to ISO 639-1) is used to build the search index. The locale is used to transform special characters  (e.g. ß, Ž, Ç) for the phonetic alignment and influences the phonetic preprocessing for the data (in order to retrieve search hits although the search word is not spelled correctly but sounds similar). The full-text search is case-insensitive.

Phonetic alignment

Defines a comma-separated list of character substitutions that are used when indexing subindices or sending a full-text search request. These substitutions can be used to configure a phonetic search.

Some examples (applicable to the German language): Umlaut ä = ä->a,ae->a; long vowel i = ieh->i,ie->i etc.

The reduced text leads to a higher probability to find a result with a phonetic instead of the correct spelling.


Only lower case characters are to be used for the Phonetic alignment.



The order of the given substitution blocks is important.

Full-text search language settings configuration



By configuring several search index languages, it is possible to search for all (configured and also Lookup supported) language variants, regardless of the language used in the client. However, the search results are only displayed in the language of the client. For example, in an English client, entering 1st as well as 1. in a district search leads to the search result 1st district.



See chapter Full-Text Search for general settings regarding the full-text search.

Further steps that are necessary in order to provide the full-text search functionality within a WebOffice 10.9 SP1 project are described in the How to Configure... chapter Full-Text Search.