Upgrade WebOffice extensions

Please take the following steps to update WebOffice extensions.


Uninstall of WebOffice extensions

Uninstall the WebOffice extension via Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features.



If problems occur during uninstall, also consider the notes in chapter Problems with WebOffice extensions Uninstall.



If you have installed WebOffice extensions with ArcGIS Engine, it will also be uninstalled during the uninstall process of the WebOffice extensions. To avoid problems during the uninstall/install process, please ensure in that case, that the ArcGIS Engine still exists on the system before uninstalling the WebOffice extensions.



Installation of the WebOffice extensions

Follow the instructions in chapter Install WebOffice Extensions in order to install the current version of the WebOffice extensions.



If GeoOffice is installed next to WebOffice 10.9 R3, you must make sure that outdated GeoOffice modules are updated or, if no longer needed, uninstalled. Otherwise you may experience problems when using WebOffice 10.9 R3.