Steps to Be Taken in WebOffice author

WebOffice author is the tool to create and maintain WebOffice 10.9 R3 projects. WebOffice author is an ArcMap extension and therefore requires the installation of ArcGIS Desktop. It has to be installed on every machine where the user wants to maintain WebOffice 10.9 R3 project configurations. In the subsequent chapters detailed information about the wizards to create a project and to set up a layer query can be found.


Before continuing, make sure that you read the chapter WebOffice author (Administrative Computer) and followed the instructions provided in the chapters Configure Basic Settings and Configure ArcGIS Server Publisher Account. Now you can open and edit a WebOffice 10.9 R3 project or create a new WebOffice 10.9 R3 project from scratch.



Especially when creating WebOffice 10.9 R3 project configurations that use various ArcGIS Server map services which again base on various ArcMap documents (.mxd files), it is important to know that WebOffice author will only connect to the currently opened .mxd file.

Therefore, if you want to change the configuration of an ArcGIS Server service or layer that origins from another .mxd file you will have to open the according .mxd file first. Otherwise, WebOffice author is not able to list neither layers nor fields.