No content in plot output

A.Basemap visible - own ArcGIS Server map services not visible:

If the print is created, but in WebOffice 10.9 SP1 client in the preview of the output format only the print template and external map services (if configured) are visible, but the data of the own ArcGIS Server map services are not visible, then this is due to access authorization problems on the database.


Check the WebOffice Permissions for the WebOffice extensions User on the directories on the ArcGIS Server and on the output-folder in the WebOffice 10.9 SP1 application.

Check with which database user the layer is included in the map document (MXD in ArcMap) -> is the appropriate access to the database guaranteed with this user? Check the access rights for this database user in the database settings.

If you are using an Oracle database: Check your configurations for ORACLE Connection Parameter:

The file tnsnames.ora must be located on the server where WebOffice extensions is installed and the WebOffice extensions user must have permission rights to this file.

Note: The following user must also have access to the file tnsnames.ora: IIS_IUSRS.

Note: If the access rights are not sufficient, it is recommended to add the WebOffice extensions user to the local Windows administration group.


When using the WebOffice extensions + ArcGIS Engine, a concurrent installation of the Oracle 32- and 64-bit client is required on the ArcGIS Server platform.


Since the ArcGIS engine is a 32-bit application, the installation of the 32-bit Oracle driver is necessary.

The installation order of the Oracle clients is as follows: first the 64-bit client, then the 32-bit client.

If in the ArcGIS Server installation, where the WebOffice extensions + ArcGIS Engine is installed, but no WebOffice usermanagement is configured, the 32-bit Oracle Instant Client must be used.

For more information see ArcGIS online help in the chapter Connect to Oracle from ArcGIS.



B. Basemap not visible - own ArcGIS Server map services visible:

If the print is created, but in WebOffice 10.9 SP1 client in the preview of the output format used basemap services are not visible the following suggestions could be helpful:


Add the Referer Header parameter to the OGC Map Service (WMTS) node. This parameter sets the value for the HTTP Referer header for server-side queries. A value can now be specified here (e.g. URL of the WebOffice application:<WebOffice application>), which is then used for server-side fetching of the tiles.

It may be necessary to import an SSL/TLS security certificate from the WMTS provider on the web server of the WebOffice 10.9 SP1 application.

Note: For more details, see Import SSL Certificates in SynAdmin.


If the following message appears in the WebOffice log file containing the problem:

details=NTLM authentication required for URL: but no support for that method or url is provided.

In case of NTLM authentication you may need to update your SDK's file to enable transparent NTLM authentication.


The following adjustments and configurations are necessary:

Configuration of a WebOffice output URL in the Application Configuration. Afterwards the WebOffice application must be restarted.

Alternatively an adjustment in the file "[JAVA_HOME]\conf\". Here the configuration for jdk.http.ntlm.transparentAuth=allHosts must be activated. Afterwards the Apache Tomcat service must be restarted.

Adapting the "" file in the Java OpenJDK installation directory

Adapting the "" file in the Java OpenJDK installation directory