This chapter comprises a list of typical log entries for UserManagement (arranged alphabetically) together with links to the chapters for solving the problem.

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#2014-05-16 10:01:52,929 WARN    [project name]                     BAAD5289D191C799A0C13E6AF12F2BBC 6127164  E696485572T7312922

Failed to set the layer Zusatzthemen//Gutachterausschuss - service rest|gispublisher@http://lragis:6080/arcgis/neustadt_lra/neustadt_lra_dynamisch|mapserver - Project Neustadt_LRA for the group Gruppe_SG13 [Gruppe_SG13_ALB, Gruppe_SG22, Gruppe_SG33, Gruppe_SG41_ALB, Gruppe_SG43_ALB]

 caused by CONFIG_UM - Layer Zusatzthemen//Gutachterausschuss ignored because the query filter ((((((*) OR (*)) OR (*)) OR (*)) OR (*)) OR (*)) can not be parsed

 caused by null


 See chapter: Layers