This chapter comprises a list of typical log entries for markups/selection (arranged alphabetically) together with links to the chapters for solving the problem.

The list is being extended continuously.



Dynamic Selection


#2014-06-24 10:44:57,900 WARN  [WebOffice Subindex Manager      ] [project name]                         Subindex Manager                 2899401  E1421856854T5897906

NO_DYNAMIC_SELECTION - HTML dynamic selection is configured but can not be displayed for the layers: [SITES//Sites] - configuration parameter: LAYERCONFIG (RowID 34), project: petromed


 Dynamic selection is activated on the layer but not configured in general

 See chapter: Dynamic Selection





#2014-07-18 10:58:31,163 WARN   [http-bio-8080-exec-15 ]     [project name]           44CF44FFC5113FCCFAA86AFFB82FC1D6 155294778 E1587880803T3911163

 no image was generated based on markup information on map export service (Publisher@<a href="http://i-dev-weboffice:6080/arcgis/SynOutputService/SynOutputService/MapServer):        ">http://i-dev-weboffice:6080/arcgis/SynOutputService/SynOutputService/MapServer):</a<> [^] failed to process SSC transaction (handlerAction: MARKUP) ([failed to process        SSC        transaction (handlerAction: MARKUP), failed to handle export (failed to edit), failed to edit, AutomationException: Access denied [syn_points]])


 See chapter: Publish the SynOutputService