Configure Print templates

To use the Configure Print templates wizard, you must have already loaded the project configuration.

Below you will find detailed information about each step in the wizard.


Starting the wizard:

Select the category projects Wizards in the upper toolbar, then choose Configure Print templates.




Type of print:

You have the possibility to choose between two print types in WebOffice:


VertiGIS Printing (ArcGIS Printing Tool Task)

Print (Legacy)




Importing the templates:

First select where your print templates are stored. Only *.layout files (except *_overview.layout and *_legend.layout) from the directory will be listed.


Once the directory is imported, you can select which templates will be integrated into your project. You can also choose whether the template will be released with High resolution, Index  plot and Print series- functionality. To summarize the templates, you can define categories.



Make sure you have the necessary access rights.





Enter Metadata:

Here you can enter company information that will be included in the print.




Define Output formats:

Please define in this step in which file formats the print is allowed to be created.




Define Print scales:

At this step choose in which scales the print can be created.





After all settings have been made, you will get a summary. Press Finish if the information is correct.

You have to reload the project-resources for the project in SynAdmin before you can use your new print templates.