In order to use the Click Info tool in the WebOffice map widget testcontainer you only have to activate the function under Tools. By activating this tool, the coordinates of a clickpoint are sent back within the callback.


Input parameter


set as startmode

By checking this parameter the tool will initially be activated after refreshing the WebOffice map widget.

show only last Click

By activating this parameter, only the last click point is graphically highlighted on the map. Though the parameter showLastClick=true is specified within the MapWidget-URL. If this parameter is not activated, all click points in the map are graphically highlighted by a red dot.

Note: The graphical highlighting of the respective click point is only available as long as the appropriate tool is activated.

Input parameter - Click Info in WebOffice map widget Testcontainer


WebOffice map widget testcontainer - Click Info Tool

WebOffice map widget testcontainer - Click Info Tool



Basically, the coordinates of the appropriate clickpoint are sent back in the projection of the main map service. With WebOffice 10.9 R3 it is also possible to define additional coordinate transformations in order to get the coordinates of the clickpoint in other projections too. Therefor, a list of projections has to be configured within the respective project configuration:


List of projections - Click Info Tool

List of projections - Click Info Tool



Note: For more information regarding the configuration of additional projections, please see chapter List of Projections.