Using this tool, an image of a raster catalogue can be displayed in the MapWidget.


Note: To use this tool, it is neccessary that a raster choice query is configured in WebOffice author. For further information, see chapter Raster Choice.




Raster choice tool in map widget



Input parameter



Layer on which the query is performed.

Key Name

Identifies the attribute to be queried on.

Note: The key name is the technical field name (not the alias name) and must be configured as Search Field.

Key Value

Value of the parameter, on which the query is based on.

Return Key

Attribute, which is displayed when requesting the tool.


Specifies a JavaScript callback function.

Set as Startmode

By checking this parameter the tool will initially be activated after refreshing the map widget.

Get all Features

All features of the query layer are included in the query.

Input parameters - Rasterplan at WebOffice map widget Testcontainer


When the tool is requested, it can be chosen which image shall be displayed.



Request of the tool






Result of the tool