What is WebOffice?

WebOffice is a web based High-End information system made by VertiGIS GmbH, that is both client side and server side optimized for usage of geodata (GIS) and as platform for the integration of spatial reference with other systems.

WebOffice extends Esri ArcGIS Enterprise by a WebGIS optimized for your requirements with popular productivity tools and integration components. Existing specialist systems can be seamlessly integrated.

WebOffice is provided by VertiGIS GmbH with the aim to offer full GIS experience using internet or intranet with different clients and offers specialized solutions for various applications.


Get an initial overview of the product with the following video:

WebOffice WebGIS: Extend ArcGIS, optimize workflows


For more information on the WebOffice platform please visit the WebOffice website. In addition, you will find current news about WebOffice, videos and a download section.



Please consider the general Copyright Information / EULA.

WebOffice is available in different licensing levels. In the Licensing chapter you will find information on how to apply for a valid WebOffice license.

You can find a product overview in Product Overview.

You can find information concerning the system architecture in System Architecture.

The current range of functions of WebOffice is listed in the functionality matrix.

You can find further information regarding the system requirements of WebOffice in the chapters

oServer-side Requirements (ff.) and

oClient-side Requirements.

For further information please contact your corresponding WebOffice Team.