This custom tool allows the end user to create buffers around geometries as well as intersect them with selected objects that lie within the buffer zone.

Project requirements:

A selection tool must be configured (e.g. Select Rectangle).

Selectable/identifiable layers must be configured.



For more details on how to configure identifiable/selectable layers, see the chapter Selektierbare/Identifizierbare Layer festlegen


Configure the custom tool Intersect_buffer.htm from the C:\Tomcat\webapps\<WebOffice application>\pub\custom_tools\Intersect_buffer directory as follows:

(1) Web Integration - Custom tool

Configure a custom tool from the Web integration group with the following parameters:

URL of external page: pub/custom_tools/Intersect_buffer.htm

Tool tip: Intersect Buffer

JavaScript function: callFromWO

Tool icon: pub/images/customtool/ct_buffer.png



(2) Simple Custom Tool

For the custom tool, configure the Simple Custom Tool. Select the Tool mode Select box.

Usage in WebOffice core client:

The Custom Tool can be added to the Ribbons in the WebOffice core client

First, select your objects or search for objects to depict your output objects.





The correct theme must be selected using the 'Selection Layer' button. By clicking on the button "Set selected features" you take over the objects from the result list for the further buffer operations.





Next, the 'Buffer Layer' must be selected. Select your objects accordingly. Then define the desired 'Buffer Distance' with which you create a buffer area by clicking on the button 'Buffer'. By clicking on the button 'Set selected features' the objects will be applied again.





Afterwards the result list of the buffer area opens with all objects that are located in the buffer area. These are shown selected (see below outlined in turquoise).




In the result overview/attribute table, you can manually select only those objects that are needed for the intersection. It is important to click the button 'Set selected features' once again, so that the objects are applied.

Now you can create an intersection of the two topics by clicking on the 'Calculate' button.





This completes the intersection (see image below).Optionally, the result can be adjusted with a measuring tool.






For more details on configuring a custom tool, see the chapter Web Integration - Custom Tool


More information regarding measurement functions can be found here: Measure / Draw