Ribbons are graphical elements combining the classical menu bar and the toolbar to one single menu on top of the GUI. By using customized ribbons user can find their functions for certain work flows much easier.

Ribbons can be used to simplify work processes of users by providing only necessary tools. Within a ribbon it is possible to build logical groups of tools. By using ribbons specific workflows or activities can be represented, e.g. such as activity Add data, workflow Edit, etc.


Furthermore not used ribbons are only shown if needed. This circumstance minimizes the complexity of ribbons for the user. The advantage of ribbons is their efficiency, so that requested functionality can be found very quick and easy. By grouping certain tools within a ribbon more clearness can be provided for the user.


Multifunktionsleiste / Ribbons in WebOffice 10.9 SP1 

Ribbons in the WebOffice core client


Ribbons can be configured in your WebOffice 10.9 SP1 project in WebOffice author standalone.


Hide or show ribbons

By double-clicking on any tab it is possible to hide or show he configured ribbons. This function makes it easier to work with smaller screens. This enables the user to display a larger map section and thus work more efficiently. If the ribbons are needed again, they can be displayed again by clicking the desired tab.


Dynamic ribbons

Some tools in the WebOffice core client will open additional ribbons dynamically. Such ribbons are marked with the small x icon for closing the ribbon. Dynamic ribbons appear for tools with a bigger number of user settings and will be appended at the end of the ribbon bar. Dynamic ribbons take care about the fact, that the map is always in the center. Dynamic ribbons can be closed either by using the x button or by deactivating the tool itself.


Dynamic print ribbon in the WebOffice core client

Dynamic print ribbon in the WebOffice core client



You will find more details about the configuration of ribbons in WebOffice author standalone in chapter Ribbons.

See chapter Creating Ribbons for a WebOffice Project for details how to quickly provide ribbons for your WebOffice 10.9 SP1 project.