Zoom Out in the WebOffice core client


Zoom out to a new map extent by activating the Zoom Out tool. Press the left mouse button and while holding create a rectangle specifying how far you want to zoom out. An information box will provide you with details about the dimensions and the prospective scale. Release the mouse button in order to update the specified map extent.


Note: Also use the mouse wheel and scroll away from the screen in order to zoom out.

Note: If another tool is currently activated hold Ctrl + left mouse button + drawing a rectangle to zoom out without closing the currently activated other tool!


Specifying the map extent to zoom out

Specifying the map extent to zoom out


By default an info box shows information regarding length and width as well as the scale of the new map extent but it is possible to deactivate it.

Note: See chapter Display for configuration details.

Note: See chapter Zoom Out for details about the configuration in WebOffice author.