Sun position analysis

This custom tool allows the end user to display a sun position analysis for any position in Austria by clicking on the map. The free web service of then provides information about the horizon, the sun's path and the theoretical sunshine duration for the selected position and the entered elevation above the ground.

Note: More information about the web service can be found here.

Note: More details regarding the configuration of the Sun position analysis in the WebOffice author standalone can be found here.

Note: Because this custom tool is not a WebOffice product, there is only the German version available.


If the Sun position analysis was configured as suggested, the following button will be displayed in the ribbon of the WebOffice core client.




By clicking on the button a tool dialog opens in the main map display.


Tool dialog of the Sun position analysis

Tool dialog of the Sun position analysis


Here you can enter the height above ground in meters. The specified height is then used for analysis.

If you now click on any point on the map, a further tab opens, which displays the sunset calculation.


Sunset calculation

Sunset calculation