Change Thematic Mapping Via Predefined Styles

This function concerns the enhancement regarding symbology display of uploaded geodata or configured layers in WebOffice. WebOffice offers the possibility to define corresponding styles in the WebOffice configuration in advance. By default, the styles defined by the order will be used for the uploaded objects one by one, if no style is attached directly to the uploaded data.


This functionality is also available for configured layers in the Table of Content (TOC) from WebOffice 10.9 R2. For more information about the configuration on the search layer see chapters Search/Query on Layer and Simple Thematic Mapping.

For more information about the configuration, see chapter Add data.


With this function the user gets the possibility to select the predefined styles within the project configuration directly at the client for the purpose of symbolization of the uploaded objects. In addition, the use of a user-defined style on the client allows the user to symbolize simple shapes via dialog, which provides the user with additional visualization options.

When uploading, the default symbolization (Default mapping/Default Style) either with the first/last style in the project configuration (based on the geometry object: Polgyon, Line, Point) or represented by a style attached in the upload in the geodata attachment. This extension allows the user to right-click and choose from a context menu of predefined styles (layer files) at the tool Upload Local Geodata in the project configuration. The display of the uploaded objects then changes accordingly in the map image.

As described above, the user can also dynamically create a custom style using the dialog Custom Mapping.



More detailed information about the application in the different geometry objects can be found in the subchapters:

Polygon Objects

Line Objects

Point Objects


The following symbols are currently supported as SimpleRenderer for this functionality:

Simple Fill Symbol

Simple Line Symbol

Simple Marker Symbol

Character Marker Symbol




Only SimpleRenderer is supported

Support for thematic mapping on uploaded KML/KMZ files only possible from WebOffice 10.9 SP2+.