Snapping for Editing

The Service API also supports snap layer for editing. Therefore it is necessary to configure snapping for a certain edit layer.



Snap layers in general are not supported from the Service API. You can only use snap layers within edit layers.


The only additional parameter for snapping is:


The value of the snap_profile_id can be found in the XML of the project configuration (see screenshot below).


Sample request for snapping for a certain edit layer would be:



The response of the Service API includes the snap points node with a list of all snap points for the requested layer.

   "snap_points": [[1592531.5848,5880887.9083],[1612729.9549,6022085.9889],[1719264.2041,5950139.8556],[1624271.9461,6020050.853]]"
 "MAP": {
   "url": http://w-vpc-ts-w7-e/wo_output/Welt_20130918_113217_221_26.jpg,
   "x": 1486112,
   "y": 6061967,
   "scale": 5385003.4032003395,
   "width": 640,
   "height": 400,
   "upp": 1424.785
 "response_id": 97f6884a-cdad-4e03-a49e-d7b92be7886c"