This chapter is about guidelines and best practices VertiGIS GmbH recommends. By applying these guidelines it gets easier and you can reduce time and cost considerably when implementing high quality WebOffice 10.9 R3 projects.


Find recommendations in the subsequent chapters regarding the following best practices:

ArcGIS Desktop

oPut as much Information as Possible into the Map Document

oSplit Up Globally Used Data from Data for Specific Projects

oCombine Dynamic and Static Geodata Properly

oTable of Content

oLayer Properties

oField Alias

oField Properties

oManaging Your ArcMap Document Files

oDifferentiate between Master and Published Map Document

oSave ArcMap Documents Properly

oStore Absolute File Paths to Data Sources

oOptimize the ArcMap Document with Mxdperfstat

ArcGIS Server

oUse ArcGIS Server Manager as Administrative Tool

oSecuring ArcGIS Server Services

oBackup ArcGIS Server Site

oUse ArcGIS Online Services


oArcGIS Server

oOptimize the number of instances for best performance

oUse Caches Wherever It Is Possible


WebOffice printing

oEdit templates

oPrinting with function fields

oPrinting of scale ranges

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