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WebOffice author standalone

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WebOffice author standalone is your simple and clear administration tool for creating and maintaining your WebOffice 10.8 SP2 projects. The design adapted to MS Office products gives you a look & feel of a familiar system environment. A number of wizards support you during the initial configuration of your projects. In the generic editing mode (File Menu, Edit project Menu and Extras Menu) you can configure and manage additional functions.



Compared to its predecessor WebOffice author as ArcMap extension, the WebOffice author standalone offers the following advantages, among others:

Independent desktop application compatible both with ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro

New graphical user interface for a faster access to important entry points

Considerable performance enhancements

Optimized for high resolution displays

Extensive filtering within the generic editing mode possible

AutoBackup to prevent data loss

Show and delete references

Consistency check of search and result fields in case of changes in the schema of map services. Validation warnings are displayed.

Immediate notification on XML validation errors

Possibility for ESRI Resource Proxy Configuration: This is especially important to the 3D view of the WebOffice flex client, so that all tile services, which are supported by WebOffice, are also supported by the 3D view.

Undo/Redo Function


New user interface

New user interface



Note: For more information on correct installation and initial setup of the WebOffice author standalone, refer to the WebOffice author standalone (Administrative Computer) chapter and subchapters.

Note: To use the WebOffice author standalone at least Windows 8.1 or Windows 2012 R2 or higher must be used as operating system, for the .NET framework at least version 4.6.2 is required. 

Note: Updates will be released regularly (download link will be in your synadmin Updates Tab). 

Note: Since WebOffice 10.8 the WebOffice author standalone is delivered as a 64-bit application. Please note that the ArcMap Connector, which is responsible for the connection to MXDs, is still delivered as a 32-bit application as it is based on the 32-bit based ArcObjects.