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Quiet Installation

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Alternatively a quiet installation of the WebOffice author standalone is possible. The following line must be executed in the command line:




The path to the MSI is the path where the MSI for the installation of the WebOffice author standalone is stored.

The parameters for installing the ArcMap connector (INSTALLCONNECTORARCMAP) and the ArcGIS Pro connector (INSTALLCONECTORPRO) can be set to True (1) or False (0), depending on whether the corresponding components are to be installed.

The parameter TARGETDIR defines the target directory for the installation of WebOffice author standalone.




msiexec.exe /i C:\Temp\SetupWebOfficeAuthorStandalone.msi /passive /quiet INSTALLCONNECTORARCMAP=1 INSTALLCONNECTORPRO=1 INSTALLCOMPONENTSYNERGISPRINTINGLAYOUTDESIGNER=1 TARGETDIR='C:\Program Files (x86)\VertiGIS\WebOffice author standalone'


Note: If WebOffice author standalone is already installed on the machine, it will be automatically uninstalled before the installation. This only applies if the installed version is an older version of WebOffice author standalone. In case of downgrades the uninstallation must be done manually.