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Wait times between login attempts

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To prevent automated login attempts, server response wait times are implemented by default when a certain number of login attempts fail. These can be found in the following table.


Failed login attempts

Default server response wait times




4 seconds

> 20

10 seconds

Default server response wait times depending on failed login attempts



Under the "Wait times between login attempts" node, you can specify individual wait times between login attempts that override the standard wait times. These can be set for individual browser sessions (sub nodes "Wait times for session") and for individual user names ("Waiting times for username"). If both are specified, a delay can also occur according to both criteria - depending on which threshold value is exceeded first.


You can add any number of threshold values as sub nodes, whereby the number of login attempts and the waiting time should be specified:




Number of failures (lower limit)

If this number of subsequent login errors is exceeded, the waiting period indicated below becomes effective.

Wait time (in seconds)

Minimum time for further login attempts

Properties of wait times






Configuration of the wait times between login attempts