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Print tool in the WebOffice html client

Print tool in the WebOffice html client


The Print tool enables users to generate high quality print output in various different file formats, layout page sizes and resolutions. Support for dynamic text fields and simple reporting of attribute data of selected objects is included.


Print tool dialog in the WebOffice html client

Print tool dialog in the WebOffice html client



Choose one of the configured print templates from the drop-down list. If no specific print template has been configured in the WebOffice 10.8 SP2 project configuration, then all existing print template files of the WebOffice plot directory (<ArcGIS Server location>\directories\WebOfficePlotTemplates) will be listed. Otherwise, only the explicitly configured templates will be shown.


Print Type

Select one of the configured print file output formats.


Print Scale

Either choose one of the provided predefined scales or enter a free scale. If configured in the Print Scales the user has the option to choose

Current Extent, which takes the visible extent and adjusts the printing scale

Current Scale on the other hand take the currently set scale and adjusts the extent

Note: It is allowed to print in larger scales than the level of detail of a used cached map service.

Note: If no scale is predefined and no scale is chosen from the drop-down list, WebOffice 10.8 SP2 will use the "current scale" for printing.


A convenient feature when printing in WebOffice 10.8 SP2 is to define a free scale extent. This can be easily done by activating the button Define extent.


Print Page Overlap

It is possible to define a print page overlap for series prints. Set the percentage of print page overlapping either with the slider or by entering a specific number.



Allows you to set an angle to rotate the map extent for a better visualization of your objects. Control the rotation either with the slider or by entering a specific angle.


High Resolution Print

Check high quality printing if you want to plot the map with a resolution higher than the standard screen resolution. High quality prints need much more system resources than prints with default quality.


Function fields

In the print tool form you find a set of fields (e.g. title, creator) you can populate with information. This information then gets displayed on the print output.

Depending on the configuration of these function fields they may be changed by the user or not. It is possible to allow text input or selection via drop-down list.





Places the print extent, that was defined by the print scale, automatically into the center of the map. It can still be adjusted by moving the mouse.


Zooms in on the current print area.


Prints the content of the current print area.  




Use the Define Extent button to manually place the print extent by clicking, holding, and moving the left mouse button. This function can only be used if a specific print scale has been set in advance.

If there is Series Print configured, instead of Define Extent the Series Print button appears which lets you draw the print area with your mouse cursor.

Note: For detailed information about the series print option, please see chapter Print Series.

Print tool dialog


Created print in the WebOffice html client

Created print in the WebOffice html client


Note: See chapter Print for details about the tool configuration in WebOffice author.

Note: See chapter Template (File Name) for details about the configuration of print templates and subsequent chapters about the available function fields.

Note: See chapter Print File Output Formats for details about the configuration of various file output types.

Note: See chapter ArcGIS Server Print Service for details about the configuration of an optional print service.