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WebOffice extensions

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WebOffice extensions includes the modules Plotting, generate WebOffice ePaper reports and Extract data in WebOffice 10.8 SP2.


High-End Plotting Functions

Template-based plotting is a part of the ArcGIS Standard. Based on requirements known from the desktop area, there are extended functions in WebOffice 10.8 SP2:

Free placement of the plot frame in the browser window

Index plots along selected line elements

Integrate layouted tables

Integrate user-defined reference systems

Integrate user specific informations like LDAP-attributes, logos, etc

Note: See user manual for further information.


Professional ePaper Reports

Use WebOffice Reporting as data integration platform and presentation media. Create informative documents, which combine geographic data and analysis with company data from multiple "pots". Use these analysis everywhere- even mobile. It's function as an interface to external data sources is one of the main advantages of WebOffice! These ePaper Reports are defined via an intuitive GUI - and the reusability of the defined templates.

Note: See user manual for further information.


Data Export with Extract Server

With the powerful geodata output module WebOffice extract server geodata can be extracted from a WebOffice project into different GIS, CAD and raster output formats.

Note: See user manual for further information.



Requirements for using the WebOffice extensions:

WebOffice extensions

SynOutputService with activated Server Object Extension

Printing template in WebOfficePlotTemplates

Tool in WebOffice author or WebOffice author standalone

Note: An installation guide for WebOffice extensions can be found in the WebOffice Extensions (GIS Server/Administrative Computer).

Note: You will find further information to the configuration of print templates in the chapter Print Template (File Name).