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Upgrade UserManagement Admin Web

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In order to upgrade UserManagement Admin Web, please follow the steps listed below.


Note: Please consider when using UserManagement Admin Web for WebOffice 10.4 (or higher) to use an application pool based on .NET 4.0 (might be installed before).


Backup the content of the WebOffice usermanagement database

Backup the WebOffice usermanagement database by exporting an xml dump file.


Backup UserManagement Admin Web and Delete Old Files

First create a backup directory, e.g. C:\Temp\UserManagementAdminWeb_Backup and copy the all files of the UserManagement Admin Web folder (C:\inetpub\wwwroot\UserManagementAdminWeb) into this directory. Delete all files from UserManagement Admin Web installation directory (C:\inetpub\wwwroot\UserManagementAdminWeb) but

directory /tmp

This has to be done to save the administrative privileges on the directory /tmp.


Install UserManagement Admin Web

Now get the file from directory WebOffice10.4-DVD\Software\UserManagement Admin Web\ or download it and unpack it. Copy all files to C:\inetpub\wwwroot\UserManagementAdminWeb besides

directory /tmp


Copy/paste the existing connection information from the backup of the web.config to the new web.config, e.g.:

Copy existing connection information to web.config

Copy existing connection information to web.config

Delete the ZIP file afterwards.


Update the Usermanagement database

Follow the instructions of chapter Create a Usermanagement Database in order to update the data model.