Synchronize UM-DB users

Synchronize Users

The Scenario Synchronize Users allows to synchronize the UserManagement Admin Web users and their passwords from a source to a target system.



If the user already exists in the target system, the password will be overwritten.

If the user doesn't exist in the target system, the user will be created.

If a user was deleted in the source system, nothing happens in the target system. This task has to be performed manually.

It is possible to synchronize users via scheduled tasks by using call parameter when opening the ArcMap.exe.


Please find more details in Synchronize UM users via scheduled tasks.


Before synchronizing the users, a backup file of your database will be created, if the checkbox Create dump of UM-DB? is selected.


User synchronization dialog

User synchronization dialog


After the task has been finished you will see a notification in the WebOffice author standalone status information saying The users have been synchronized.


WebOffice author status window with success notification

WebOffice author status window with success notification