With WebOffice 10.9 SP1 it is possible to prioritize tools in order to get them displayed directly in the toolbar. Toolbar buttons of non prioritized tools will be placed into a tool group More.. where they get structured according to their topic. This way the toolbar gets reduced and therefore easier to understand.



Before  you can prioritize a tool you have to configure the tool as a grouped or ungrouped tool first.

It is possible to prioritize tools which are configured as grouped tools. However it is recommended to use ungrouped tools if you choose to have a prioritization of tools.


Toolbar configuration

Toolbar configuration




Tool filter?

Displays a filter control for filtering big lists of tools

Toolbar Configuration



Following tools are prioritized initially: Pan, Zoom In, Zoom Out, Select-rectangle/box, Clear selection/markup, Identify, Measure-distance, Markup, Printing, Help, Log out, Email Map, Edit, Change language  and Identify-MapTip.


Choose Prioritize all tools for a fast configuration of all tools in the toolbar.


Prioritizing all tools

Prioritizing all tools

WebOffice flex Client Toolbar

For the WebOffice flex client the prioritization of tools defines whether they will be in the group of initially visible or initially hidden tools. The first configured tool will be on the most right and the following will be placed leftwards.



The prioritization will only have effect for configured tools that actually reside in the WebOffice flex toolbar. Tools such as Zoom In, Zoom Out, Geolocation, Help, Copyright Infos or Log Out are placed in other parts of the client.

If no tools are configured in the toolbar, all tools will be initially visible in the WebOffice flex client.


See chapter Tools for details about the configuration of tools in WebOffice author standalone.

See chapter Tools to see the difference between tool groups and prioritized tools in the WebOffice core client.